DIY Sharpie Mugs

If you haven’t read my last blog post, then you may be a little lost and confused as to why I am doing a seemingly random DIY. So, go over and read that blog post, then come back and read this DIY. It will make a whole lot more sense after you see that post.

 You’re back? Let’s get started:

I have seen these Sharpie mug tutorials all over Pinterest and never thought I would ever give it a try (until now). But, here I am, #Pintertesting something. (I just love Pinterest so much guys. It is the bomb.)

So, I am going to show you how to  make your own unique mug. Here we go!


Okay, all you need is: 1 plain mug, oil based Sharpie paint markers, and an oven. Simple right?

Start off by mentally preparing yourself… and get an idea of what you want to put on the mug. Draw a little sketch of it so that you can have it handy for when you actually put it on the mug. Then, use the oil based Sharpie paint markers (regular sharpies smudge and do not last long) to draw the design on the mug. Let it dry for a few hours (or overnight, which is best) before baking it in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes is up, turn off the oven but leave it in until the oven has fully cooled. Then you can take it out and display it with pride. You can also bake it another time to set the Sharpie even more (but once is enough).

And, now you can easily make a cute mug for your friends! If you want to see more DIYs, leave a comment below with any ideas or requests!

What are your favorite holiday DIYs? How many Christmas mugs do you have? What’s on your Christmas wishlist?


Secret Santa Haul

It’s story time, people. Grab your popcorn or warm tea and get ready.

So, this year, my friends and I decided to have a little Christmas party (#SquadUp) since we all don’t really have many classes together and we just obviously need an excuse to wear footie pajamas and eat tons of cookies. My friend decided to throw in a little Secret Santa gift exchange. I thought it was a great idea, but then I realized I have $20 to work with and no idea what to get.

Once I found out, I honestly had zero idea of what I wanted to get. It wasn’t that my friend is hard to buy for, it was just that all of the things I wanted to get her were super expensive (she is worth it) and I only have $20 to spend.

I went to the one place that can feed me ideas: Target. Target just has a bunch of cute (and relatively inexpensive) little gifts for Christmas. So, off to Target I went.

Once I got there, I did a lap around the whole store just to get a taste of what they had (and I got lost in the technology area because you can’t just NOT touch every single touchscreen object) before actually getting an idea.

Then, while looking at some really cute Christmas sweaters, it hit me….. Grab a cute Christmas themed mug and throw some other little trinkets in it! The idea seemed foolproof and I felt like a genius.

But, as always, I hit another wall. All of the super cute Christmas mugs were SOOOO much more expensive than my budget. So, I decided to make my own (that DIY will be up tomorrow!) because I love a good DIY project.

So, once I established my whole mug situation, I had to think of what to put inside of it. I knew that I wanted to include some cute makeup in it and some cute other things, but I had no idea if any of it worked with my budget.

So, I did another stroll around Target.

I came across a numerous amount of cute things, but when I saw this super cute (and great smelling) mint cocoa lip balm ($3.29), I just couldn’t pass it up. It smells like mint hot chocolate and doesn’t mint hot chocolate just scream Christmas? I think so.

And when I found the lip balm, I felt compelled to get a red nail polish because red (and green) is the color of the season. I picked up Essie Altitude Attitude ($8.50) which is a beautiful Christmas-y red. I love this color and might actually pick one up for myself later.

Then, I felt like I was missing some things (and I had a solid 7 dollars to spare), so I figured that I might as well pick up two more things to add. I went to the candy aisle because candy is always a good gift to give anyone (am I right ladies?). I picked up some of my favorite Ghirardelli Peppermint Chocolate Squares. These things scream Christmas. They are pepperminty and chocolate-y AT THE SAME DARN TIME. IT IS MAGICAL STUFF.


I also couldn’t resist getting some penguin socks because they just looked so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute. I couldn’t get over how cute they are. And they are fuzzy socks. Are there any better socks than fuzzy socks with penguins on them? I didn’t think so.

That is what I got my friend for our little Secret Santa grab bag thingie. If you want me to show you what I get (the party is this weekend so it will be sometime after), then leave a comment below. Also leave any other blog post ideas or suggestions down below. I will definitely get working on them!

Are you doing a secret Santa gift exchange this year? What are you getting your secret Santa giftee? What do you have on your Christmas wishlist? What makeup are you loving right now?

Christmas Wishlist 2015

Christmas Wishlist 2015

I love doing wishlist blog posts. I love reading wishlist blog posts. I just love seeing other people’s wishlists. From beauty to random things, I always find something that I want (and get inspired for my own wishlist).

So, I feel like I just have to do this blog post. I have to share what I want for Christmas in hopes of inspiring all of you.

Here’s what’s on my list:

  • Michael Kors Sports Citrus Rollerball ($27): I don’t like to commit to a full size perfume. I just have commitment issues. So, whenever I want to get a perfume, I ask for the rollerball because they are super easy to travel with AND super easy to apply whenever you need it. I love citrus scents, so this Michael Kors one is for me!
  • Wildflower Turquoise Phone Case ($35): My current phone case is peeling and messy and just a disaster. It is really hard to find cute phone cases for the iPhone 5c… Until I stumbled across Wildflower Cases. They have phone cases for every smartphone that are super cute. The turquoise one really caught my eye. It is super pretty!
  • Essie Bahama Mama ($8.50): I only have light pink nail polishes in my collection. I don’t really have any dark vampy nail polishes, so I really want to add one to my collection. Bahama Mama is a beautiful plum color that is calling my name right now. IT IS SO PRETTY. OMG. IT IS BEAUTIFUL.
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($19): I have used many liquid liners in my day. Most of them have been okay, but none of them have been great. So, I want to try a high end liquid liner in hopes of finding a great liquid liner. My first request is the Kat Von D liner, mainly because everyone loves it.
  • Forever 21 Lipstick Love Makeup Pouch ($6.90): I have been meaning to get a makeup bag for a while now because my current makeup situation is basically just a little drawer in my bathroom. So, I kind of want a makeup bag to either just store my makeup at home or to hold my makeup when I am out and about.
  • Rock & Candy Foldover Booties ($55): I normally hate shoes. My feet are just so wide and annoying that getting shoes is a struggle (it takes forever to find ones that fit me). But, I have heard that these work with wide feet, so I might as well put them on the list. Plus, my friend has a pair of boots like these and they are so pretty and look great on her.

And, that is my Christmas Wishlist for 2015. Feel free to check out my wishlist from 2014  for some more wishlist inspo.

What’s on your wishlist? What makeup products do you want for Christmas? Have any makeup product suggestions for me? 

Sephora Super Kisses Set

I wasn’t going to buy these. I saw them online and just never thought I would actually purchase it. But, here I am. A proud owner of three adorable Sephora Kiss Me Balms ($18).

You can thank my sister for asking to get these mainly because she wanted the “pink sparkly” shade (it was “calling her name”… I have taught her well).

The set comes with three lip balms (berry red, soda pop, and cotton candy) that ALL SMELL AMAZING. THEY ALL SMELL SO GOOD AND I CAN NOT GET OVER HOW GREAT THEY SMELL.

The shade on the left is Berry Red. It is a holiday limited edition shade and can only be bought in the set (*sad face*). I would call Berry Red a magenta-esque shade. I think it is a mix of a berry and a magenta (can you tell that I am great at describing colors? If you are confused, check out the swatches below.). I can’t really pinpoint a smell on this one, but it smells so stinking delicious. Go into Sephora just to smell this.

The shade in the middle is Soda Pop. It is a beautiful berry shade that is one of the more pigmented lip balms in the Kiss Me collection. It smells like the Dr Pepper lip balms my sister used to be obsessed with.

The shade on the right is Cotton Candy. I would describe this as a muted Barbie pink. It is great for everyday wear because it isn’t too crazy and is totally wearable in all situations. This one smells exactly like your typical cotton candy scent (which is really nice in this lip balm).

(Bottom to top: Berry Red, Soda Pop, and Cotton Candy)

All of these lip balms are super creamy and feel amazing on your lips. They have a “slick” feeling, but nothing annoying or offensive. They just feel nice and moisturizing. My friend has one and compared it to the Fresh lip balms. She said that they are a lighter feeling Fresh lip balm.

The lip balms give a nice wash of color (as you can see by the swatches), but they don’t last all day (they are lip balms after all). I really didn’t expect a long wear time though. These are just easy to keep in my purse and reapply every so often at school. Soda Pop is my favorite color right now because it is a beautiful berry color that is perfect for winter.

Overall, I would recommend this set for those in your life that are obsessed with lip balms. Or lippies in general. It is also a great stocking stuffer idea (hint hint). For $8 on their own, I think this set is a great value (and the lip balms are already great, so why not buy them?).

Have you tried these Kiss Me Balms? What do you think? What should I put on my wishlist from Sephora? What Sephora products are you loving right now? 

What’s in My Bag? (Winter 2015)

My obsession with What’s in my Bag videos is awe inspiring. I binge watch What’s in my Bag videos basically like it’s my job. I just love to see what other people have in their bags.

I’m weird, okay. That’s already been established.

So, since I absolutely love What’s in my Bag videos, I decided to do a What’s in my Bag blog post. And, I don’t even need to look good in order to make my blog post (currently wearing my pajamas with fuzzy socks and my messy hair… #BloggingPerks).

Okay, let’s start with bag. I actually got this on sale at JCPenny’s. But, it took forever to find it online. I think it was hiding from me. This beautiful bag is the Rosetti Francesca Crossbody Bag ($25.20) in the color peony. I fell in love with this bag because it is wide enough to hold both my ginormous calculator and my super long wallet.

And, there is enough room for a good amount of beauty products. AND it is on sale. It was originally $42, but now it’s $25. I love a good purse deal.

Okay, now onto what I actually keep in my purse. I have another wallet that I carry around at school with a little bit of cash and my license. I don’t really like to carry around my big wallet at school because it does take up a lot of space and it just weighs a ton (and I need room for my calculator). So, I use the Relic Vicky Convertible Multifunction Wallet ($11.20) in Orchid which I also got on sale at JCPenny’s (I love a good sale priced wallet too!). It is small enough to fit in my purse but still big enough to hold my cash and cards and whatnot. You can use it on its own by just adding on the little strap and wear it as a crossbody bag.

I am also a big fan of fabric headbands. I love the Goody Black Headbands ($5.79) because I struggle with little baby hairs that get all curly. They can be pretty annoying and the only way to tame them is to wear thick headbands like the Goody ones. So, I always keep one in my bag just in case I don’t want to wear my hair down in the middle of the day (it can get in my way during school, so sometimes you just need to put it up).

Then we get into my trio of lip products. I love lippies. It is just another one of my obsessions that are awe inspiring. I have so many lip products that it is a little overwhelming… But totally worth it. So, these three lip products have been staples in my purse for over a year now. I don’t really like to switch up the lippies in my purse because these three are just fantastic. The first one is the C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm ($7.50), which is my all time favorite lip balm. The one closest to the lemon lip balm is the Bite Beauty Lip Duo ($14) in Fig/Date. They sadly don’t sell the Fig and Date duo AND they only sell one of the duos all year round. But, during the holidays (aka right now!), they sell a “Mix and Mingle” set that comes in a few different colors. I would say that the Pepper/Cafe duo is as close to Fig/Date as you can get. The last lippie is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain ($15) in Infinite Rose. I think I have talked about this before because I love it. It is a beautiful satin rose color that is great for school.

The last thing in my purse is a Bath & Body Works Pocketbac ($1.75 each) in the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte scent. Sadly, that scent is a seasonal one, so I don’t have a link to the exact one. But, there are so many other different Pocketbacs out there that there is bound to be one for you. ALSO, DID YOU SEE THEY CHANGED UP THE SHAPES??? They are now a totally different oval like shape. When I saw that they changed the packaging, I was shocked. But, I actually kinda like the new packaging. It’s pretty cool.

That is what is in my bag. If you have done a What’s in my Bag blog post, leave the link down below. I would love to see what you keep in your bag!

What is in your bag? What blog posts would you like to see next? What are the beauty products you MUST HAVE in your purse? 

Get the Look: Adele

I haven’t done a Get the Look posts in a while. It’s been too long. I used to do a bunch of these frequently, but then I sorta got really busy. But, I am back with a new get the look post because you guys always seem to like the other ones I have done.

I feel like this get the look just has to be done. I feel obligated to share this one with you.

I have loved Adele for years. Ever since Chasing Pavements, I was captivated by her voice. I just loved every song she made. But, the she kinda fell off the face of the Earth. I was patiently waiting for YEARS for a new Adele song and was always sad when she didn’t make a super big comeback sooner.

But, then Hello came out. And my fangirl side for Adele came back. And then I listened to the song on repeat for probably too long. Then I saw the album cover, which is the picture below, AND FREAKED OUT BECAUSE THIS IS THE PERFECT GET THE LOOK PICTURE I NEEDED.

And that’s my probably too long story about how I came across this get the look inspiration. Shall we get into the look now?

Get The Look: Adele

Okay, since this photo is in black and white, I obviously can’t find specific shades for the lips and eye makeup. But, I tried to guess what Adele is wearing. I think I am pretty close.

Okay, to achieve this amazing look, I would start with the eyebrows (because they are super important). I would start with the NYX Micro Brow Pencil ($10), which is basically exactly like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil, but half the price and the shade selection isn’t as broad (but I still found my exact color match).

Next, onto the eyes. For eyeshadow, I think she just went with a little bit of Stila’s Kitten Eyeshadow ($18) in the inner corner to brighten everything up. It is a bit on the pricier side, but it is an awesome purchase if you need a good inner corner highlight. Of course, you can’t forget her amazing winged eyeliner. I would use a good liquid liner to get her precise wing and the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner ($22) is a great option. Finally, finish off the eye makeup with two coats of Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara ($8.99) which is my current favorite mascara of the moment!

To finish off the look, let’s end with the contouring and the lips. As you can see, Adele has beautifully contoured cheeks. Using the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer ($30), carve out the cheekbones by putting it in the hollows of your cheeks. The Milk Chocolate Bronzer is great for those with a lighter skin tone because it is a lighter bronzer. For the lips, I just assumed that she went with a nude lippie because she seems like a nude lippie kind of person (like me). An awesome nude lippie is the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Nude ($21). I have had this for over a year now and it is one of my favorite nude lippies.

That is how you can easily transform yourself into Adele. It only takes $109.99 (not including tax). That isn’t too bad, right? (If you want me to do an all drugstore “Get the Look”, then tell me in the comment section below. I will totally do that.)

Who’s makeup are you loving right now? What are your favorite products of the moment? Who is your current beauty inspiration? What other get the look blog posts would you like to see?