Come Find Me

I love receiving things from you lovely people. I also love responding to any feedback, questions, or concerns you may have. Or you may just want to talk about makeup. Feel free to use any of these wonderful ways to get a hold of me.

To contact me or just talk, choose one of these options:

Twitter: (@bellabeautybox2) I love twitter, so this is the best option. I tweet like crazy. Just saying. I am basically a gigantic Twitter addict.

Email: ( I love getting emails and feedback and just talking to people. Feel free to email me whenever you want. Ask questions, request blog posts, or just chat with me.

Tumblr: ( I basically live on Tumblr and I am slightly obsessed. You can message me and I will respond quicker than lightning.

Facebook: (right here) I am not as quick to respond on Facebook and I don’t use it all that often. But for my hard core Facebook lovers, this is a good option for you.

“DA GRAM” aka Instagram (here): I made my Instagram a while ago but I have just recently gotten back into it. Feel free to follow me and comment on my pictures or direct message me.

Pinterest (here): I have a teeny-tiny obsession with Pinterest. I go on pinning sprees where I pin a billion things to one board (ex: my Nails board… it’s getting out of hand).


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