This is the cool little page that shows my favorite bloggers and bloggers that I have recently found. If you ever want to see what I read, then click on the little link to head to the other blogs. Let’s get started:

Essiebutton (Blog // YouTube): What can I say about Estee. She is one of the most entertaining blogger/YouTubers I have ever seen. Her love of the Lorac Pro palette is awe-inspiring.

Lily Pebbles (Blog // YouTube): I don’t know what it is about Lily, but she is just a natural makeup goddess and I literally have tried out most of her natural makeup tutorials.

The Beauty Department (Blog): This is the simplest blog I’ve seen. All posts show the detailed tutorials in PICTURE FORM. It is the easiest blog to follow and I really like the pictures. I really like visual blogs and this blog just helps out so much.

Miss Whoever You Are (Blog): Eileen is one amazing person. I always want her to put up a new post and anticipate them every day. She sure has a way with words.

Fiore Beauty (Blog): The team at Fiore beauty is just so awesome. I just love their posts and their content is out of bounds. I can not get enough of this blog.

Poor Little It Girl (Blog): I have just found this blog and I love it! Cathy is a really sweet and awesome girl that is helping us “poor girls” find cheap (yet chic) fashion and beauty products.

The Beauty Department (Blog): The most convenient beauty blog for those who just need to easily complete some difficult beauty concepts.

Keiko Lynn (Blog): The hair master herself has taught me how to get people to actually notice my hair. Her tutorials are amazing.

She’s In The Glow (Blog): Lexi and Annie make this blog one of my favorites. They work together so well and create amazing content.

I Covet Thee (Blog): Alix is the queen of statement lips and I basically want to buy every single one of the lipsticks she has worn.

Rouge 18 (Blog): Amber Katz knows her beauty– she has worked with,, and Refinery29. One of my favorite posts is her Shailene Woodley premiere makeup.

Beauty High (Website): A new found favorite that basically has every beauty thing you could ever need. They also hold a #BeautyChat every Friday and I love participating in it (it is a chat on Twitter).

Gemsmaquillage (Blog): I still have no idea how to say the blog’s name, but the blogger (Gemma) is a beauty master and I just love her blog to bits.

The Small Things Blog (Blog): I always sing All The Small Things whenever I see or go to this blog… I’m normal I swear. I love Kate’s simple (yet awesome) posts.

CoutureGirl (Blog): I found Kayleigh on Twitter and Instagram before I found her blog. Once I found the blog, I was set for life. I am obsessed with whatever she blogs about (current obsession: a cleansing balm!).

Allison Anderson (Blog): I loved Allison’s old blog (Amarixe) and her new blog is exactly as awesome as the old. She really knows what’s up in the beauty world.

Beauty & The Blog (Blog): I found Carly’s blog a month ago and I seriously fell in love with it. Carly is such a sweet person who is a beauty genius.

312 Beauty (Blog): I have found one of the coolest and most amazing Chicago beauty bloggers out there. Laurie is just so relaxed and casual in her posts and she really acts like a normal blogger (not a robot).

Money Can Buy Lipstick (Blog): I recently found Teresa’s blog and I am absolutely in love with it. Her blog layout is stunning and I basically want to buy anything that she loves or raves about on her blog.

Look Beyond Beauty (Blog): I absolutely love this blog. The pictures are amazing, the content is out of the world, and Ana lives in Ljubljana (which is in Slovenia… you learn something new everyday)… That’s awesome!

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder (Blog): One of those bloggers who just influences you to buy whatever makeup product they are currently loving or have raved about. Izzy is truly an awesome blogger who makes my wallet cry (but it is totally worth it).

Spiffykerms (Blog): I absolutely love Nancy’s blog. I don’t follow a ton of different lifestyle blogs, but hers is absolutely stunning. I just love that she talks so casually and she is always doing something fun.

Lauren Lives Healthy (Blog): Lauren (like myself) is on a weight loss journey and she is looking great! I recently followed her on Twitter and her blog is very inspiring and never ceases to keep me motivated.

Dance, Flow, Lift (Blog): I have found tons of different fitness blogs, but nothing like Natasha’s blog. She is just so genuine and her blog is just amazing.

A Yellow Brick Blog (Blog): Other than having a really cute blog name and a super adorable blog header, Kristie is an amazing beauty blogger. She also makes videos which I always feel obligated to watch because they are just that good.

Megan Joy (Blog): Megan is one of my favorite Canadian beauty bloggers. Everything about her blog is amazing. From the photos to the layout to the content, everything is all around on point.

Beauty Isles (Blog): Kimmy was one of the first bloggers I talked to in the blogging world and she is the bomb. I always love reading her posts and always get excited when I see one pop up on my Twitter timeline or my WordPress reader feed.


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