DIY Holiday Nails

I think I have already gone over the fact that I am the worst nail painter ever. I think that has already been established, but if not… I AM THE WORST NAIL PAINTER/NAIL ARTIST/NAIL ANYTHING EVER. If I had to paint my nails in order to save my life, I would be a goner.

I just can’t paint my nails well at all. Or do fancy designs.

So, when you have a problem, you find a solution. My solution came in the form of my aunt taking my to this cute little nail salon five minutes from my house. My aunt is the real MVP. Shoutout to her.

So, I went to get my nails done and wanted to get a holiday themed nail design so that I could easily make a DIY for all of you (because who doesn’t love a good DIY).

I went with a simple two color design. Every finger except my ring finger is one color here’s the colors I used: 

On four of my five fingers, I have OPI’s Coca Cola Red ($8.50) which is a beautiful bright red color (think of the color of a Coke can). I love the name and the brightness of the red. It is beautiful!

On my ring ringer, I have a OPI’s Classic ($8.50) which is a gold/beige colored shimmery polish. It scream holidays to me (anything glittery reminds me of the holidays!).

I love this look because it is super simple and easy to pull off. You don’t even need any extra tools or anything. Just two nail polishes!

What is your favorite holiday nail polishes? Are you a nail art fan? (Leave a comment below and feel free to link your holiday nail art posts below!)


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