Sephora Color Wishes Set

Okay, I have to admit again that I really really really shouldn’t have bought this… That stinking checkout area with all of the little trinkets just sucks you in. My sister saw this and thought that I “had to have it” because I love eyeshadow and they are so stinking cute.

My sister just gets me to fall in love with makeup very easily. That is why we always go to Sephora together. (#MyWalletIsCryingWhenSheIsAround)

But, I am really glad I bought this because it is the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer. It was MADE for the holidays (literally). This Sephora Color Wishes set ($10) was made for you, guys.

This set is the perfect stocking stuffer because it comes with five small sized eyeshadow books. There are 5 different books that all have different eyeshadow duos.Β Each duo comes with a matte and shimmery shade. The duos range from simple and shimmery to dark and daring. I love the range of shadows in this set because there are some darker colors, lighter colors, matte, and shimmery colors.

Let’s check out each little book:

The Be A Celebrity book is a more neutral duo. The matte shade is a beautiful light brown and the shimmery shade is a brownish color with little gold sparkles. This duo is awesome for your friend/family member that loves neutral colors.

The Be A Role Model is my favorite book of the set. It has a matte pink/dusty rose/mauve colored shadow (THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH) and a really pretty mauve/pink shimmery shade with little gold flecks in it. This duo is perfect for your friend that is obsessed with the Naked 3 palette or rose gold eyeshadows.

The Be A Queen is one of the more darker palettes. But these colors totally compliment each other really well. The matte shade is a nice plum-y purple color and the shimmery shade is a simple silver shimmer. The purple and silver look stunning together! This duo is great for your friend that loves darker eyeshadows (or is a Queen!).

The Be A Hero book has the other darker shade. The matte shade is a cream color that is great for everyday wear (it is a great base for every eye makeup look) and a beautiful dark purple shade that has some beautiful flecks of shimmer in it. The shimmery shade is this one is amazing and looks like the night sky (in my opinion) in the book. This is the perfect duo for your outgoing friend.

The Be A Rockstar duo has a cream colored matte shade and a rally cool deep brown shimmery shade. This is another neutral duo that can be worn everyday and it absolutely breathtaking. I love the matte color because it can be used as a base for a ton of different eye looks. This is perfect for your sophisticated friend that also likes a little bit of glitter.

Overall, the pigmentation on these were surprising. They had really nice pigmentation and went on really smooth. For a Sephora eyeshadow, I was surprised. I really liked these eyeshadows and would totally recommend them to you if you are looking for a gift idea!

Have you tried these out? What do you think? What other holiday items from Sephora would you like to see?


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