Secret Santa Haul

It’s story time, people. Grab your popcorn or warm tea and get ready.

So, this year, my friends and I decided to have a little Christmas party (#SquadUp) since we all don’t really have many classes together and we just obviously need an excuse to wear footie pajamas and eat tons of cookies. My friend decided to throw in a little Secret Santa gift exchange. I thought it was a great idea, but then I realized I have $20 to work with and no idea what to get.

Once I found out, I honestly had zero idea of what I wanted to get. It wasn’t that my friend is hard to buy for, it was just that all of the things I wanted to get her were super expensive (she is worth it) and I only have $20 to spend.

I went to the one place that can feed me ideas: Target. Target just has a bunch of cute (and relatively inexpensive) little gifts for Christmas. So, off to Target I went.

Once I got there, I did a lap around the whole store just to get a taste of what they had (and I got lost in the technology area because you can’t just NOT touch every single touchscreen object) before actually getting an idea.

Then, while looking at some really cute Christmas sweaters, it hit me….. Grab a cute Christmas themed mug and throw some other little trinkets in it! The idea seemed foolproof and I felt like a genius.

But, as always, I hit another wall. All of the super cute Christmas mugs were SOOOO much more expensive than my budget. So, I decided to make my own (that DIY will be up tomorrow!) because I love a good DIY project.

So, once I established my whole mug situation, I had to think of what to put inside of it. I knew that I wanted to include some cute makeup in it and some cute other things, but I had no idea if any of it worked with my budget.

So, I did another stroll around Target.

I came across a numerous amount of cute things, but when I saw this super cute (and great smelling) mint cocoa lip balm ($3.29), I just couldn’t pass it up. It smells like mint hot chocolate and doesn’t mint hot chocolate just scream Christmas? I think so.

And when I found the lip balm, I felt compelled to get a red nail polish because red (and green) is the color of the season. I picked up Essie Altitude Attitude ($8.50) which is a beautiful Christmas-y red. I love this color and might actually pick one up for myself later.

Then, I felt like I was missing some things (and I had a solid 7 dollars to spare), so I figured that I might as well pick up two more things to add. I went to the candy aisle because candy is always a good gift to give anyone (am I right ladies?). I picked up some of my favorite Ghirardelli Peppermint Chocolate Squares. These things scream Christmas. They are pepperminty and chocolate-y AT THE SAME DARN TIME. IT IS MAGICAL STUFF.


I also couldn’t resist getting some penguin socks because they just looked so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute. I couldn’t get over how cute they are. And they are fuzzy socks. Are there any better socks than fuzzy socks with penguins on them? I didn’t think so.

That is what I got my friend for our little Secret Santa grab bag thingie. If you want me to show you what I get (the party is this weekend so it will be sometime after), then leave a comment below. Also leave any other blog post ideas or suggestions down below. I will definitely get working on them!

Are you doing a secret Santa gift exchange this year? What are you getting your secret Santa giftee? What do you have on your Christmas wishlist? What makeup are you loving right now?


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