Sephora Super Kisses Set

I wasn’t going to buy these. I saw them online and just never thought I would actually purchase it. But, here I am. A proud owner of three adorable Sephora Kiss Me Balms ($18).

You can thank my sister for asking to get these mainly because she wanted the “pink sparkly” shade (it was “calling her name”… I have taught her well).

The set comes with three lip balms (berry red, soda pop, and cotton candy) that ALL SMELL AMAZING. THEY ALL SMELL SO GOOD AND I CAN NOT GET OVER HOW GREAT THEY SMELL.

The shade on the left is Berry Red. It is a holiday limited edition shade and can only be bought in the set (*sad face*). I would call Berry Red a magenta-esque shade. I think it is a mix of a berry and a magenta (can you tell that I am great at describing colors? If you are confused, check out the swatches below.). I can’t really pinpoint a smell on this one, but it smells so stinking delicious. Go into Sephora just to smell this.

The shade in the middle is Soda Pop. It is a beautiful berry shade that is one of the more pigmented lip balms in the Kiss Me collection. It smells like the Dr Pepper lip balms my sister used to be obsessed with.

The shade on the right is Cotton Candy. I would describe this as a muted Barbie pink. It is great for everyday wear because it isn’t too crazy and is totally wearable in all situations. This one smells exactly like your typical cotton candy scent (which is really nice in this lip balm).

(Bottom to top: Berry Red, Soda Pop, and Cotton Candy)

All of these lip balms are super creamy and feel amazing on your lips. They have a “slick” feeling, but nothing annoying or offensive. They just feel nice and moisturizing. My friend has one and compared it to the Fresh lip balms. She said that they are a lighter feeling Fresh lip balm.

The lip balms give a nice wash of color (as you can see by the swatches), but they don’t last all day (they are lip balms after all). I really didn’t expect a long wear time though. These are just easy to keep in my purse and reapply every so often at school. Soda Pop is my favorite color right now because it is a beautiful berry color that is perfect for winter.

Overall, I would recommend this set for those in your life that are obsessed with lip balms. Or lippies in general. It is also a great stocking stuffer idea (hint hint). For $8 on their own, I think this set is a great value (and the lip balms are already great, so why not buy them?).

Have you tried these Kiss Me Balms? What do you think? What should I put on my wishlist from Sephora? What Sephora products are you loving right now? 


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