Favorite Monthly Purchases (November 2015)


So, I decided that I want to start something new on my blog. I have been reading monthly favorites posts and videos for ages now, but I want to do something a little different. Normally, monthly favorites are things that you used all month and thoroughly enjoyed. But, I wanted to step outside the box a little and come up with my own type of monthly favorites.

I came up with my Favorite Monthly Purchases. I guess you could say it is kinda like a haul and a favorites post all in one. Every month, I will talk about the products that I bought (or received from someone else) that I absolutely loved.

So, let’s get started!



So, as you saw in my Lush Ocean Salt post, I took a little trip to the Lush store closest to me (it is about an hour away) for my birthday and picked up a handful of different products. One of the ones I got was the Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask ($7.95). I have never used a face mask before (*cue the gasps*), but I had heard great things about the Lush fresh face masks.

So, I picked up the one that was made for me. Cupcake is great for oily and acne prone skin (which is my skin in a nutshell). It also smells like cupcakes and gets all tingly when you put it on your face. This lasts about 2 weeks, so you should get about 5 uses out of it. I might even actually take the long trek back to get another container because this stuff just really helps my skin.



While I was shopping, I stopped at Sephora because the only Sephora stores by me are the stores inside JCPenny’s. So, when I see a big Sephora store, I always have to take a little stop and browse the aisles. I went in just to look around and I walked out with the Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation ($36) and the brush I talk about below.

So, while I was looking at the powders, this wonderful guy (with incredible eye makeup… His winged liner was perfect. He is eye makeup goals.) asked if I needed help. I proceeded to ask about powder foundations and which ones he liked. He recommended this one to me and I loved it.

I have never tried Cover FX products before, but I knew at the time that they had some awesome face products. The guy who helped me put the powder on half of my face to show me the difference and my skin looked incredible and flawless. It gives a flawless look and helps keep the shine away (shoutout to oily skin girls)… Or at least for a little while. If you need a foundation to just even out your skin tone, I would definitely recommend picking this up.



As I mentioned above, the guy who helped me at Sephora recommended the Sephora Synthetic Complexion Powder Brush ($29) to be used with my Cover FX powder. THIS BRUSH IS SO SOFT. It is so incredibly soft and does a great job at buffing the powder into the skin. I have used other powder brushes before, but they do not compare to this one. This synthetic brush is just awesome at making the powder look as good as possible.

I never thought I would really like a brush as much as I like this one. But I do. This brush is worth every penny.


I am just going to keep mentioning my trip to Lush because I am obsessed with Lush. The last thing I picked up while at Lush was the Lush Organic Therapy Massage Bar ($11.95). I was just looking for something to moisturize my arms and legs during the winter and the lady recommended this.

This bar is super moisturizing and has essential oils to help your skin (and make you smell insanely good). The Therapy bar smells like lavender, but not the annoying lavender smell. It is a nice pleasant lavender smell that is super calming. I put this on before I go to sleep and instantly feel calmer.

So, if you need a massage bar to help you relax and calm down, this is the one for you.


When I saw the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella ($26) in the Sephora birthday gift, I was instantly terrified. I am not really a red lip person. I just don’t like the way red lips look on me. So, when I saw this, I was a little hesitant to give it a try because of my history with red lips.

Surprisingly, I loved this lip pencil. It is the perfect neutral toned red. It isn’t too warm or too cool and it is the perfect red lip for Christmas time (just saying…. *writes it down on your Christmas list*). I wore it to my family Thanksgiving party and everyone really seemed to like it.

It is a matte lip pencil, so it does last a good amount of time and it feels amazing on the lips. It is a little on the expensive size (if you want to get the full size), but I definitely think it is worth the money. OH, just as a heads up. You need to get the Nars sharpener because this isn’t a twist up lip pencil. I still have yet to pick it up, but when I do, I will give you guys an update.

And that is my favorite monthly purchases. I really recommend all of these products. They are just so amazing!

What products did you love this month? What products should I try this December? What products are the bomb.com?


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