Sephora Birthday Gift

Well, well, well. Guess who’s back? ME! (I feel like this is a common theme that is coming up… I leave blogging for a little and then come back. I am eternally sorry. I am back for a while now.) So, I took a little hiatus to give myself a break, but I am back and better than ever.

And nothing screams “I’m back” quite like a makeup review.

So, I went to Sephora for the first time in forever (I just love Frozen guys) while shopping with my aunt and picked up a few new things (which will be mentioned in the blog ASAP) and then realized that I can get the Sephora birthday gift (Shoutout to my fellow November birthdays! We have to wait too long for the Sephora birthday gift… It is a struggle).

Here’s what I got:

I love that Sephora gives a birthday gift because the two birthday gifts I have gotten are both things that I wouldn’t have bought myself (and I have loved last year’s gift so much).

I have never tried any Nars products before. I have stared at Nars lippies for insane amount of times on the Sephora website, but never had the courage (or the money) to get one. UNTIL NOW (FINALLY!).

The two Nars lip pencils I got are Rikugien ($26) and Cruella ($26). When I saw this duo online, I was a little nervous because Cruella looked like a color I would never wear. I was worried because I never really wear red lips because I am not that daring or “rebellious” when it comes to lip colors. I like to stick with my tried and true nudes and pinks.

Rikugien is a satin lip pencil, so that is why it has this awesome glossy look to it. It has a glossy look, but isn’t super slick. It doesn’t last a super long time, but the color is super pretty. Since it is a satin lip pencil, it does take a few swipes to get a good color, but that isn’t really a big deal to me.

Cruella is a velvet matte lip pencil, so it lasts a really long time (at least on my lips). It has a really nice feel. It doesn’t feel too dry on my lips, which was one of my fears when I saw this lippie. It takes about 2 swipes to get great color and it has super pigmentation. You can really build this up to be a super deep scarlet red or you can blot it down to be a lighter red.

SPOILER ALERT: Cruella is my favorite of the two lippies. It is the perfect scarlet red that seems like it would fit every skin tone. I normally don’t like red lips on myself, but Cruella just looks fantastic on me. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOR. IT SCREAMS HOLIDAYS. I am totally going to wear it to Thanksgiving and any Christmas parties that I may go to.

Have you gotten the Sephora birthday gift? What did you think of it? What should I buy at Sephora next time I’m there?


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