Beauty Goals

Well, I have said this so many times before: there are some beauty things that I suck at. I devoted a whole post to beauty things that I just can’t seem to handle. But, I did do that blog post a while ago, so I am going to update my “Beauty Things I Suck At” post… But rename it something positive. So, this is my new “Beauty Goals” blog post. This post is basically going to be about things that I wish I were good at. I am honestly not the best at a good handful of beauty things (which I will talk more about). One day I will be able to do these things perfectly… One day. So, let’s get started:

Beauty Goals

Beauty Goals:

1. Bronzer: I have had some awful experiences with bronzer. So, you could say that I am a little scarred when it comes to bronzer. But, I did get the Chocolate Soleil bronzer by Too Faced and think that it is a really fantastic bronzer, so I might just give it a try and see how it goes. My only problem is blending… My blending skills are subpar, guys. That’s an issue.

 2. Certain Eyeshadow Looks: This is again on the list because of my lack of blending skills. I have some troubles with blending eyeshadow which can cause some of my eye makeup looks to not look the best per say… So, I am for sure going to work on my blending skills in the near future (aka tomorrow).

3. False Lashes: I tried to put false eyelashes on multiple times and I am a mess… It looked awful when I applied them. The glue looked weird, it was super noticeable, and it just didn’t look like I thought it would. So, I am going to watch thousands of YouTube videos, stare at some tutorials, and give it another go. Wish me luck guys.

4. Painting My Nails: On my Twitter, my bio says that I am an “Awful Nail Artist”. I am a self proclaimed “pathetic nail painter”. I am just awful when it comes to painting my nails. I always end up smudging them as soon as I finish painting them and they always just look pitiful. One hand can look perfect while the other looks like a fifth grader that just had 20 Pixi Sticks painted it. It’s that bad.

5. Winged Eyeliner: I can totally line my upper lash line… No problem. But the moment it turns into a wing is the moment my makeup just goes down hill. I just can’t seem to manage the whole wing part. It either ends up too dramatic or almost nonexistent. It’s an issue, guys. But, I am getting better.

And that is my Beauty Goals for 2015. What are your beauty goals for 2015 (or in general)? What beauty things do you suck at?

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp


One thought on “Beauty Goals

  1. I love the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer! I can’t get enough of it. Their new bronzer/blush combo has to be on my wishlist or goal as well. I love false lashes, but can never get them to stick with my real eyelashes! Neat post, loved reading it ♥

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