Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick

Well, I have now tried two different Too Faced products. I’m branching out guys. I didn’t even know Too Faced existed before my blogging days… It’s insane how much blogging can teach a person.

I am really glad that I finally gave Too Faced a chance because they have so many great products out there. I have one more Too Faced product that I will talk about at a later date (hint: I have talked about it in a tutorial and guide before…).

But, for now, I am going to talk about their Melted liquified lipstick. I absolutely love liquid lipsticks. I discovered them about five months into blogging and finally got my hands on them a few months ago. So, I have learned how amazing liquid lipsticks can be.

I have seen so many people talk about these many moons ago, but I never really thought much about them. I just thought that it was another lip product that wasn’t anything special and wasn’t really worth getting. That all changed when I went shopping with my aunt. She saw this color (Melted Nude) and thought that it was made for me. I swatched it and she absolutely fell in love with it. So, my aunt convinced me to give it a try.

My aunt is kinda great at picking out makeup. I’ll need to talk to her about her own makeup routine and see if she will do a blog post on this little blog. We’ll see.

Let’s get into the post before I ramble on and on.


This liquified lipstick is sold at Sephora and on Too Faced’s website for $21 each. They recently came out with 8 new shades and I will definitely pick some of them up the next time I’m in Sephora (Melon and Frosting are calling my name). You get .4 ounces of product which isn’t too bad.

The thing that made this lipstick different is the fact that it is a liquid that doesn’t dry to completely matte like most liquid lipsticks and it’s applicator. This is one of the few liquid lipsticks that isn’t fully matte. It has the feel of a really nice lipstick in a tube. The applicator is unlike anything I have ever used. It is a fuzz;y little tip that is a thicker than a doe foot applicator. I find this tip really easy to work with. It has that lipstick-esque shape that really applies this lipstick like a dream.

Overall, this lipstick is a must have. For the two months I have had it, it has been my go to lip product. I also love to layer other products with it. The shade I have is Melted Nude and it is a more pink-y nude that is more on the brown side of the nude lippie spectrum. I absolutely love it. I am always on the hunt for a good nude lip product. So, grab $21 and head on over to your local Sephora.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that. If you have any blog post suggestions or want to see any specific blog posts, then comment down below, tweet me, or Instagram me. I would love to hear from you and get some more blog post ideas.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp


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