Brand Focus: Bath & Body Works

Well, I have loved Bath and Body Works for years. I have absolutely loved Bath and Body Works for years. Ever since I can remember, I went to it at least twice a year and was always excited to see what new things they had in store for me.

So, since I have been buying different things from Bath & Body Works for ages, I decided to do a brand focus. There are so many different products from Bath & Body Works and it can get a little overwhelming or intimidating when you first walk into the store. That’s why I am here.

I am going to talk about my favorite products from this wonderful little store. Let me just say one thing before I get started. The scents shown here are my favorites. I often buy the lotion, shower gel, and other items in one certain scent. (Does that even make any sense?) When I love a scent, I buy almost every product Bath and Body Works makes in that specific scent.

It’s an awful cycle and I currently have three True Blue Spa foot creams… I have no regrets.

Anyway, since Bath & Body Works products take over my little dresser, I am going to talk about my favorite products. Shall we get started?

Brand Focus: Bath & Body Works

So, here are some of my favorite products:

  • Island Margarita PocketBac ($1.75) It was difficult to narrow it down to just one PocketBac because I have tried more than a dozen different ones. I like Island Margarita because it is a really tropical and fresh scent that is perfect for winter because it makes it seem like summer. It has a light citrus-y scent that isn’t overpowering or annoying.
  • Buttercream Mint Candle ($17) Well, this isn’t actually sold in Bath & Body Works stores anymore. Guess who just found that out today? Me. (-_-) I absolutely love this candle and when it came out, I bought like four of them. So, I still have two and a half left (I don’t burn candles nonstop). This has a really unique sweet smell. But, since you can’t get this, I am going to mention my other favorite candle: Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut ($22.50). This candle smells like you live in a bakery. It is great all year round and makes you want to eat a dozen doughnuts all by yourself (do it).
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Lotion ($12.50) This has been my favorite lotion for years. It was my mom’s favorite lotion of all time and I always adored the scent. This has a really nice and sweet vanilla scent that is my favorite scent of all time. It did get reformulated a few years ago and the new scent is a little lighter than the old one. It isn’t that big of a deal and it is just as good as before. This is a classic and I definitely recommend that you give it a try.
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel ($12.50) I have this scent in a lotion, shower gel, body spray, and PocketBac… You could say that it is one of my favorite scents. I like the shower gel the best because it just makes you smell great all day and it lasts surprisingly long for a shower gel. The big notes in this scent is the Asian pear and Fuji apple. Those scents are some of my favorite and, combined together, they make the perfect scent. Go give it a smell and you’ll understand why I love it so much.
  • True Blue Spa Nourishing Body Lotion ($15) I love the True Blue Spa line at Bath and Body Works. There are so many great moisturizing products. This one has helped my incredibly dry elbows and has just helped me when I have awfully dry skin. There are so many great products in this line and you should give some of them a try.
  • Cashmere Glow Fragrance Mist ($14) This is another product that I have been repurchasing for years. It has a more fruity scent to it, which is what makes it my favorite. I love fruity scents, so this is one of my top favorite body spray thingies. It is a pretty light scent that doesn’t get overpowering (which is what some perfumes do and I absolutely hate it).
  • Once again, I chose seasonal/limited edition items. The Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow Comfort lip gloss is not being sold at this current moment. But, my other favorite is the Watermelon Sorbet Liplicious lip gloss ($7.50). In case you were not aware, I am a sucker for anything watermelon flavored or scented. So, this is basically made for me. It has a really nice watermelon scent and it is just amazing. The lip gloss is a little sticky, but nothing unbearable.

Now you can go to Bath & Body Works and give these a try. I definitely recommend all of these and think they could make good gifts for family, friends, or even yourself (I know you get yourself gifts too… I’m the same way). Feel free to put any blog post suggestions in the comment section and feel free to just plop something down in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp #MerryBlogmas


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