Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow

Well, I saw this in a YouTube video about four months ago and basically freaked out over it. I have never tried any Josie Maran products until I gave this bad boy a try. And I think that I will definitely try and pick up another one of these because they are just so magical.

As you can see (by the title), I am talking about the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eye ShadowsΒ ($18). You may have seen them in my haul (here) and I have finally gotten a pretty solid review for you wonderful people.

I had seen this before and thought that it was a really cool idea. I really wanted it for about a month, but then I kind of lost interest and not too many people were talking about it (I wonder why). But, when I was stalking the Sephora website, I saw it in a little Josie Maran kit and thought I had to have the kit just for this eyeshadow. Once I saw the kit up close, I realized that I didn’t really want everything in the kit and I ended up just getting the regular size.

It was totally worth it. This stuff is amazing.


As you can see, it is different from any eyeshadow out there. It is a liquid eyeshadow that you have to shake up before every use. Over time, the pigment separates from the water, so be sure to shake it every time. The color I got was Playa Del Pink. It is a light pink color that looks more like a light rose gold kind of color. This was the third one I swatched in store and automatically fell in love with it. It swatched beautifully and when my aunt saw the swatch, she said that it was made for me.


The great thing about this eyeshadow is that it can be built up and sheered out. I always start off with one light layer and add more if necessary. There are so many beautiful eyeshadow shades to choose from in this collection that I bet there is one for everyone. This comes with a doe foot applicator that is perfect for applying it. I just apply some to my eyelid and blend it out a little with my finger.

This product is perfect for the holidays (hint, hint). It would be perfect if you want to go with a gold eye and maybe a bold lip (just saying). I personally think that it is worth the $18 because you get a ton of product and it will take a while to actually get through a quarter of it. The pigmentation is on point and the color selection is pretty nice. So, you should definitely give this a try if you ever find yourself in a Sephora and want to try something new.

Feel free to put any #blogmas blog post suggestions down below in the comment section. Also feel free to buy yourself one six of these… For Christmas. #MerryEarlyChristmasToYou

Have a fantastic day lovelies! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp #HappyBlogmas


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