Purse Friendly Makeup Guide

Well, I kind of love makeup. So, like any other makeup obsessed person, I often carry makeup around with me in my purse.

If you are like me, you bag often turns into a bottomless pit filled with random makeup that you threw in there when you ran out of time to finish your makeup in the morning, random bobby pins you thought you lost, and a calculator that desperately needs to be charged for class today. That basically my bag in a simple run-on sentence.

I like to keep the makeup in my purse simple and easy. There are three things I absolutely need to have in my purse at all times: lip balm, face powder, and some other form of lip product (it varies depending on the season, mood, recent shopping trips, and influences from my sister… I converted her into a lip product addict as well).

With that in mind, lets get into my purse:

Purse Friendly Makeup Guide

The purse that I currently have is the Relic Erica Mini Crossbody Bag ($40). This bag is perfect for school or work because it can hold so many things and it has so many pockets. I love to use it at school because it can hold my calculator, pens/pencils/other writing utensils, and even a book (I fit the Book Thief in it… Just saying). It is also often on sale which is awesome. I got mine at JCPenny’s for $24.

Now, keep in mind that this is what I have in my purse as we speak. I will occasionally do this again including new products that I have tried and some that have recently become purse staples. Shall we get started?

Let’s start off with powder. I actually have a mini Clinique Face Powder (the regular is $36). I got it recently from my aunt (I have tons of aunts, okay?) and it is perfect for traveling because the actual powder is a little bigger than the size of a quarter and is perfect for fixing small spots that have gotten oily.

For my lip balm, it always changes. I currently have about three lip balms in my purse. One of them is the Burt’s Bees Pumpkin Spice lip balm ($5.97). This stuff smells like fall in lip balm form. The other two I have is one from my dentist and a Maybelline Baby Lips ($2.99).

For my other lip product of choice, I have leaned on my Bite Beauty Lip Duo in Date/Fig ($12. They are limited edition, so get it while you can). You can buy a regular sized lipstick of Fig… sadly, Date is not sold in a regular size (noooooooo 😦 )The Bite Beauty lipsticks are super nice and have a really moisturized feel on the lips. They are probably my new favorite lipstick brand. I am going to definitely pick up some more later.

The last product in my purse is a mini mascara. I switch around with different mini mascaras as my mood changes. Right now, I have the They’re Real mascara ($10) in my purse. This mascara is just amazing. It does things to your lashes that not many lashes do. It gives great length and a good amount of volume. This mascara is perfect because it lasts all day without flaking or getting weird.

That’s what’s in my bag. Feel free to tell me what’s in your bag in the comment area. Also feel free to write some blog post suggestions down there too. I would love to hear from you.

Happy #Blogmas everyone. Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp


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