Red Lips For The Holiday Season

Well, when I think of the holiday makeup, I automatically think of red lips. Red lips are the perfect holiday look. And there are so many different red lip options, that I decided to make a little list of some of my favorite red lip products.

There are so many different types of red lip products that it was quite difficult to narrow it down to the ones I have here. I tried to incorporate some drugstore red lippies, but I am currently on a high end binge and accidentally only have one drugstore red lip product….

I am sorry drugstore lovers. When I started blogging, I used to never buy any high end products. I always used to just stick to my tried and true drugstore products. It’s funny how before blogging I was so new and inexperienced when it came to makeup and now I can do a pretty solid winged eyeliner and I have branched out into so many different makeup brands (both high end and drugstore).

Ok, enough of that spiel. I am going to try to head to the drugstore (or Target) and pick up some new makeup and do a little “New at the Drugstore” post. I haven’t talked about drugstore makeup in what seems like a while. (If you want me to do that, then yell at me in the comments.)

So, let me get into the lipsticks.

Red Lips For The Holiday Season

I decided to not do color descriptions for these because they are all basically red… I really have nothing to say about them. I did try to find a variety of different lip products. I threw in some matte colors, some liquid lipsticks, and your traditional lipsticks. I didn’t want it to be just one kind. So, for those who love matte lips or liquid lipsticks or whatever other lipsticks you like, there is an option for you. You’re welcome.

Red Lips For the Holidays:

Now go out and rock your red lip with pride! I will be getting up some holiday makeup looks as we get closer to Christmas. If you have any other blog post suggestions, then comment down below.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp #Blogmas


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