Holiday Lip Look

Well, the holidays are basically here. #Blogmas is in full swing and I have had a cup of hot chocolate every single day. I am prepping myself for my family holiday parties by coming up with different beauty looks and researching some looks as well.

I came across this one on Google (and Pinterest and Twitter and basically everywhere else) and absolutely had to give this a try. It is super simple to recreate and showcase at your family party. Basically, this is a “shimmery” “frosted” lip look. Super simple right?

Let’s do this!

Holiday Lip Look

All you need is your favorite holiday themed lipstick (I love red lips for the holidays) and a white or sheer glittery eyeshadows or pigment. There are so many options when it comes to this tutorial. I chose a MAC lipstick (in Sparks of Romance) and a Revlon lippie (in Certainly Red).

I didn’t realize that I chose two more expensive eyeshadows. The eyeshadows I chose were NARS Hardwired Opal Coast Eyeshadow ($26) and Lancome Eyeshadow in Drape ($20). I personally like to use the browbone shade from the Walking on Eggshells palette from Wet N Wild ($2.99).

So, in order to reach a frosted lip look, all you need to do is apply your lipstick like you regularly would. Then, using a fluffy blending brush or your finger, gently tap a small amount of the eyeshadow onto your lips. A fluffy brush would be great for this because it won’t apply too much eyeshadow which can make your lips overly shimmery. It is all about balance people.

Now you can showcase your amazing new holiday lip look to all of your friends and family at various holiday parties. If you have any #blogmas ideas or want to do a guest post, then commend down below.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp #Blogmas


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