Megan’s Lush Haul

Well, the great thing about having friends that are obsessed with makeup is that they can share their hauls and whatnot with me. So, my friend Megan is one of my friends that talks to me about makeup almost all the time. We are always giving each other suggestions and talking about what we are loving.

So, Megan decided to share what she got during her most recent trip to Lush. Megan has an obsession with the bath bombs and has tried a dozen different ones. Megan is great at choosing ones that always end up turning her bath into a wonderland.

You could say that Megan is a magician.

Megan is also a “certified Lushie” (aka whenever I have a Lush question, I automatically sprint over to her). If you have any Lush questions, I will compile them and do a Lush Q&A with Megan (she actually came up with the idea… So, send your questions in the comment section and I will get that post up as soon as possible).

Let’s get started!

Megan's Lush Haul

Let’s start with the top left corner. The little penguin thingie is the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar ($7.45). Megan said she bought this mostly for the fact that it is a cute little penguin and she just could not pass it up. Megan said that if you liked Olive Branch (Lushies would know), then this penguin bubble was made for you.

Megan also purchased a lip scrub. She had researched this lip scrub for hours (or so she said… it was probably more like 10 minutes) and she saw that it was loved by many people. So, Megan said she felt obliged to buy the Santa’s Lip Scrub ($8.95). I think this next quote is vital: “This lip scrub is like rubbing Coca-Cola on your lips… in a good way.” That is “the only way” Megan said she could describe it. This lip scrub was just made for the wintery weather.

The last thing Megan got was the Honey Bee Bath Bomb ($6.45). Megan has bought this before and loved it so much that she bought it again. She said that this is great if you are stressed or need to relax. This smells amazing and it moisturizes and softens your skin. How amazing is that? This is Megan’s go to bath bomb.

And that is the end of Megan’s Lush haul. I hope you found some products that are calling your name. If you have any #Blogmas post ideas, feel free to comment down below (and throw your Lush questions down there too). I would love to do any #blogmas post you want to see.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp #Blogmas


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