Battle of The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes

Well, that title ended up a little longer that I expected. Yikes. But, there is new and exciting news: Too Faced has released a new chocolate bar palette! (Ironically, I just received the first chocolate bar palette for my birthday… *sigh*)

But, new palettes are always exciting to see. I always love looking at new palettes, especially when they are sequels to other palettes. So that is why I made this blog post. I want to compare the two chocolate bar palettes and give you my thoughts on them.

I was going to get my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette review up today, but that will have to wait. So, if you are wondering where my review is, just be patient grasshoppers. The time will come.


(Since I have to give credit to the owner and not plagiarize and all of that bad stuff, the above photos are from Sephora. I felt like these photos were just so amazing that I had to share it with my followers. So, feel free to check out Sephora’s original posts here and here.)

As you can see, these palettes are very similar, but they do vary. The regular Chocolate Bar has more shimmery shades while the Semi Sweet one has a few more matte colors.

I love that the Chocolate Bar palette has some more “out of the box” colors than the Semi Sweet palette. The Semi Sweet palette is basically an all neutral palette excluding Blueberry Swirl. Meanwhile, the Chocolate Bar palette has about 5 other “non neutral” shades. As much as I love having a ton of neutral shades, I like the random splashes of color in the regular Chocolate Bar palette.

With that being said, if you are looking for a new neutral palette with more golden toned shadows, the Semi Sweet palette was made for you. I personally think that the Peanut Butter shade from the Semi Sweet palette is beautiful and I may get it in the future. However, if you like more shimmery eyeshadows or don’t want just a full palette with almost all neutrals, then the original Chocolate Bar palette was hand crafted just for you.

Some things I love about both palettes are the highlight shades. I love that there is a matte highlight and a shimmery one. I also love the chocolate bar packaging. Too Faced also has amazing matte shades that are super amazing.

As of right now, I am not sure what the cost of the Semi Sweet palette. If I were to guess, I think it would be the same price as the Chocolate Bar palette ($49). The Semi Sweet palette is being released on December 15th, so you will have to wait a week… Can you do that? For me?

So, if you end up getting either palette, feel free to tell me what you think about it. And if you want to buy me one too, then that’d be great… Just kidding. It’s too expensive for me to accept. I would probably cry if someone got it for me.

And that is how you do #Blogmas day 8. Have any #blogmas blog post ideas or any other blog post suggestions? Comment down below. I would love to hear from you.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp #Blogmas


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