Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Well, today was not the best day. I’ll admit it. But, when life gives you a suck-y day, you blog and it all gets better. #BloggingIsLife

Nothing makes me happier than Christmas, makeup, lip balm, and blogging. So, I decided to combine all of those together and make one gigantic fun post.

When I think of stocking stuffers, I normally think of smaller gifts that are on the more inexpensive side. Obviously I had to throw in some products that are a little more expensive than others *cough cough First Aid Beauty kit cough cough* (I did literal coughs while doing that… Being sick is awful).

WAIT A SECOND. Did I mention that I hit 100 followers? Well I did. It is just so amazing to know that people listen to me and actually want to know what I say. So, thank you wonderful followers. I really appreciate all you do and hope that you have a fantastic day and always remember that you are beautiful and amazing. To quote the wonderful Charlie Rowe (aka Leo): “Your soul is you. And they can never cut into your soul.”

Anyway, since that little spiel is over, we can get onto the reason why you are really here: the stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

So, here are some pretty neat stocking stuffers:

  • I May Not Be Perfect But My Makeup Is compact mirror ($10)Β This compact mirror is super cute. I just want a whole bunch of these so I could give them to you (that’d be awesome).
  • Forever 21 Shimmering Lip Gloss in Red Carpet ($7.80) You can’t go wrong with a red lip. Everyone is looking for the perfect red lip for Christmas. Make it easy for your friend to rock a red lip by getting them this beautiful lip gloss.
  • EOS Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Lip Balm Set ($9.99) Rachel Roy did a fantastic job coming up with this little holiday set. The limited edition flavors are so unique and tropical. It really brings a ray of sunshine to our rather drab and dreary winter weather. Don’t you think?
  • True Blue Spa Look Ma, No Hands hand cream ($6) My aunt always gives this to me every single Christmas. I always thank her for saving my hands. This hand lotion has literally resurrected my insanely dry hands. This is a great product and I actually reviewed it… Way back when! (Man, I love that lotion.)
  • Orly All That Glitters Nail Polish Set ($14) Ironically, I got the neon version of this set from my aunt (my aunt is kind of a gift master). I like the Orly nail polishes. They seem to do a great job at being pretty opaque with just one swipe. It really only takes two coats to get a bright and intense color (which is a win in my book). These shades are perfect for Christmas time too.
  • First Aid Hydrating Duo ($16) Looking back, I didn’t realize that this wasn’t super expensive. I am sorry First Aid Beauty. This little duo is amazing. I love getting lip balms andΒ I desperately need a new face cream. So, if any of you feel the need to give me this for Christmas, then go right ahead.

Feel free to sprint to your local computer or Sephora or whatever store has these things so you can get a leg up on your Christmas shopping. I believe in you!

Anyway, #Blogmas Day 4 is in the books. Have any blogmas blog posts you would love to see me do? If so, comment down below and I will be sure to include it in my #Blogmas celebration.

I am also contemplating doing a giveaway… What do you think about that? It might just be a small one with my favorite products. Since I have hit 100+ followers, I decided that I might reward you. And, as time goes on, I will do giveaways when I hit other milestones… So, if you want a giveaway, just yell at me in the comments. I can take it like a champ.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp #Blogmas


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