Holiday Gift Guide: Lip Product Lovers

Well, I was actually super excited to do this holiday gift guide because of my immense love of lip products. You should already know by now that I have an obsession with any lip product out there and that I currently have seven different lip products in my purse at this time (I have no regrets).

So, I decided to dedicate a whole gift guide to fellow lip product addicts that are going to buy these for themselves… I completely understand.

One little note is that some of these holiday products may be sold out by the time I get around to link them. If they are sold out, I will note that and will give an alternative gift idea. If any of the ones are sold out by the time you get around to get them, then email me or send me a tweet and I will definitely find a good alternative for you.

Holiday Gift Guide: Lip Product Lovers

Let’s get started:

  • Sephora Ornament Lip Gloss ($5) This is super cute little lip gloss that is super easy to carry around. I did have a difficult time opening it in the Sephora store, but it is a super good stocking stuffer or small gift for a friend.
  • Sephora Favorites: Give Me More Lip ($59) This is perfect for fellow lip product addicts that want to try a bunch of new lip products without buying a billion full size lippies. This little set comes with a variety of different lip products and shades. It has everything from the classic red to a deeper berry color.
  • The Bite Beauty Remix set is all sold out, but an even better Bite Beauty set is the Mix N’ Mingle set ($98). It comes with so many lip sticks, crayons, and double ended lippies. There are so many options with this one and it is perfect for any fellow lip junkies.
  • Lipstick Queen Discover Kit 2 ($48) The Lipstick Queen always comes out with really nice lippies that come in shades that were made for me. The pink and nude colors in this kit are literally perfect. I swatched them somewhere (maybe Sephora… I just know that I have swatched them somewhere) and they swatch so beautifully.
  • Sephora Redefining Red Kit ($15) This kit was made for people like my friend Annie. She can rock a red lip better than anyone else I know and she would really love this kit. It comes with a transparent lip liner that helps lock your red lip in place and keeps it from bleeding or feathering.
  • Too Faced Under the Mistletoe Kit ($28) Honestly, I would personally buy this for the cute little bag that comes with it. It is a beautiful sparkly pink color that is perfect for the holidays.
  • NARS Tech Fashion Lipgloss Coffret ($39) These NARS lip glosses were made for the holidays. They are so sparkly and beautiful and I basically want to wear them all the time. I am super sad that this isn’t a regular product because I would buy the heck out of them.

And that is basically all the lip product addict in your life needs. Want to do a guest blog post? Have any blog post suggestions? Want to talk about sports? Feel free to comment down below or check out my Come Find Me page for other ways to reach me.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp


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