Holiday Gift Guide: Spa Lover

Well, I am finally getting into the holiday mood. Over the next week or so, I will be putting up various different holiday gift guides. I decided to base them around things that I absolutely love (the lip product one is coming up… Expect it).

So, to start off my holiday gift guide, I decided to find spa related gifts. There are so many Philosophy, Body Shop, and Bath & Body Works gift sets and kits that are perfect for the spa lover in your life. I know so many people that love lotion and body washes and things like that so it is perfect for the awesome spa lovers in my life.

One little note is that some of these holiday products may be sold out by the time I get around to link them. If they are sold out, I will note that and will give an alternative gift idea. If any of the ones are sold out by the time you get around to get them, then email me or send me a tweet and I will definitely find a good alternative for you.

Holiday Gift Guide: Spa Lover

Let’s get started:

  • Soap & Glory Soap For The Best gift set ($16) It comes with some of my friend Nina’s favorite Soap & Glory products (Hand Food is her favorite lotion ever). It is super inexpensive and comes with some good sized products.
  • Fresh Skincare All-Stars Set ($68) Know any skincare snobs (like me)? This is the kit for them. It comes with all different types of amazing skincare products like a face mask and a face cleanser. This is worth the $68 and I certainly would recommend it to any skincare junkie out there.
  • Bliss Diamonds for the Rough set ($12.50)Β This hand cream set is so festive and I love it. I actually tested this once and they smell really festive and they really helped my dry cracked hands. This is definitely a good winter staple set.
  • Sadly, the Fresh Spa Escape was sold out (already? I know! It’s nuts). So I searched the Fresh website for another good skincare related set and I found a Face Mask Essentials setΒ ($120). A little pricey but it comes with three pretty good sized face masks.
  • Also, the Philosophy kit is also sold out (why did I make some sucky choices? Lo siento chicos.) But, one I had my eye on is the Making Spirits Bright set ($23). It is a cute little set that comes with some amazing smelling products. Let’s be honest right now: Philosophy products smell amazing and these products are no exception.

And that is the first holiday gift guide. Be prepared for many more to come in the near future. Have any blog post suggestions? Want to do a guest post? Like popcorn? Comment down below or give me a holler by checking out my Come Find Me page. I love to hear from you.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp


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