Get Ready With Clare

Well, I talked makeup with my friends again. I love talking to people about makeup and my friends are actually makeup masters…. They each have their own unique makeup routine. Some go with more natural makeup and some like to use lots of colors.

Clare likes to go bold or go home. She is all about the colors.

I wish I was as courageous with makeup as her. She isn’t afraid to wear bright colors. She isn’t afraid to wear purple eyeliner. Clare doesn’t care. We should all be like Clare.

So, now we can get ready with her:

Get Ready With Clare

Clare has perfect skin… So she really doesn’t need a heavy foundation (or any foundation) because there isn’t anything she needs to cover. But, Clare really likes to do a light dusting of the Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting powder ($49). Apparently a powder can be hydrating (or so Clare says…) and she loves to just dust it on and move on. Clare says that it really helps keep her oily skin at bay and just perfects her skin (even more than before).

Now onto the eyes. There are multiple eye makeup looks that she does. To narrow it down, she basically does one of two eye looks: solid eyeliner or colored eyeshadow. For her eyeliner, Clare uses whatever color Mally eyeliner ($18) she’s feeling that day. It changes everyday.

As for eyeshadow, she loves to wear green eyeshadows. It really looks good with her eyes and she doesn’t look “alien-like” at all. Her personal favorite is the NYX single eyeshadow in Kiwi ($5). However, Clare does have a good arsenal of green eyeshadows (at least 15).

Clare’s favorite mascara is the L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Blackย ($7). This mascara does wonders for her lashes. This mascara is like magic. It literally makes your lashes look 10 times better. I would definitely recommend it.

Lastly, she always is wearing her signature pink gloss. Her go to is the Smashbox Lipgloss ($20). Clare loves that this gloss isn’t sticky and doesn’t make her lips feel all weird. This color was basically made for her.

Now you can turn into my friend Clare and wear green eyeshadow. Want to be a part of my new project? Have a blog post idea? Want to do a guest post? Feel free to check out the Come Find Me page to get in touch with me or feel free to comment down below.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #DontEverGiveUp


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