November 2014 Wishlist

Well, hello wonderful followers. I am absolutely sorry that I was missing for a little bit there… Sure it was only a few days, but I still feel awful. So, feel free to yell at me right now. I can take it like a champ.

All done? Awesome. Now we can get onto the important stuff.

I normally am not the type of person to make wishlists all the time. I can barely make a wishlist for my birthday let alone one for each month.

With that being said, I somehow managed to compile a list of things that took forever to make. It literally took a good hour and a half to do some deep thinking on what to put into my wishlist…

That time may or may not be exaggerated. The world may never know.

Anyway, I desperately needed to make a birthday wishlist. My birthday is in November (anyone else?) and a bunch of people have asked me what I want. And, like any every other year, I have said “I have absolutely no idea” and just pushed away the topic.

Why? Honestly, I can never come up with an answer to this. Maybe it is because I am not a really needy person. I am completely fine with what I have and don’t have a deep desire to ask for something that costs a lot and may or may not get a lot of use from me. For some strange reason, I hate asking people for things that are expensive.

So, I tried to keep my price limit intact. Kinda. In a way. You’ll see.

November 2014 Wishlist

Ok, some of these things I have been wanting for ages and never had the time or motivation to hunt around Target, Walgreens, CVS, or Sephora for.

The one product that really breaks the bank is the Naked 3 palette ($54). Holy smokes, this thing costs a ton (not really, but it is kinda expensive). But, I have talked to many beauty bloggers and friends about this product. They have all said that it is a nice palette and that if you love rose gold shades (which are my favorite eyeshadow shades), then this was made for you. I have wanted this palette ever since it came out but never really had the courage to ask for it… Until now.

The next products aren’t that expensive. So I will talk about them from most expensive to least expensive.

I have wanted to try a bunch of different Essie polishes for a while now. I have a few (Mint Candy Apple is my favorite), but I haven’t gotten a shade quite like Fishnet Stockings ($8.50). It is like an oxblood/maroon type color. I honestly have no other shades like this and it was love at first sight with this color.

This next one is one of my favorite lip balms in the history of lip balms. It is the C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm ($7.50). I think that I have talked about this on the blog at least once (here) and I ran out a few months ago. Being the lazy person that I am, I still haven’t gotten a new one. But this lip balm is unlike any other lip balm I have ever used. This thing smells amazing and moisturizes my lips in a split second.

You do not know how long I have wanted the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara ($6.99). You people don’t even know. I have seen so many people talk about this mascara and how you could do a million coats and it will not clump. I have tried other Covergirl mascaras and they have been some of my favorites. So, I think it is time to get the clump crusher mascara and bask in its glory.

I saw the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink ($5.99) on Instagram and automatically added it to my list. I have another color tattoo which I love. They have amazing staying power and don’t seem to crease (even when most eyeshadows crease). I have tried to hunt this product down at multiple CVS and Walgreens locations and have had absolutely no luck. So, maybe someone will come in clutch and hunt that thing down.

The last thing on my list is the new EOS lip balm in Coconut Milk ($5.90). One of the girls in my class has it and I smelled it…. It smells amazing. I also love the swirl packaging– it is so unique and different than the old solid packaging. I really like the EOS lip balms and I think that this one was made for me.

And that is my birthday/November wishlist. As a heads up, I am working on a whole bunch of different holiday gift guides (specific ones like brushes, perfumes, etc.). Those should be going up towards the end of November. Get excited people!

Have any blog post suggestions or ideas? Want to do a guest post? Feel free to email me ( or check out the Come Find Me page.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful


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