A Simple Guide To Colored Mascara

Well, for some strange reason, I have been on the hunt for a nice colored mascara. I’m not so sure why. Maybe it is because I saw a girl wearing some pretty amazing purple mascara. Maybe it is because I am feeling adventurous. Maybe it is because I’m weird.

All three are probably right. Especially the third one.

But, I have hunted around for a good colored mascara for a while. So, I decided to compile a small list of colored mascaras that my friends, and other people I talk to, absolutely loved.

I still haven’t necessarily bought into the whole bright neon colored mascara thing though. I think I might just start off with a simple brown mascara because I have heard that it actually looks really good.

Anyway, let’s get into this!

Colored Mascara Guide

I think I should start off by putting links to the mascaras and then I will talk about them and tips/tricks to pulling off colored mascara.

Let’s get this out of the way first: colored mascara can be tricky. Some color can look better than others.

Choosing the right color is key. If you have brown or green eyes, purple mascara is a good choice. Blue and yellow mascaras work really well with blue eyes. Green mascaras look really well with hazel eyes.

You should try to avoid matching your mascara with your eyeshadow. It is important to do complementary colors when pairing your mascara with your eyeshadow. Also, you do not want to do any other bold eye makeup when you wear colored mascara. It can be too overbearing and overpowering. With eye makeup, less is more. Don’t go overboard.

Layering is important. In order to get an opaque color, you either need to do a few coats of the mascara or use a lash primer as a base for the color. I would recommend using a primer so that it can help the mascara be a little brighter. (A great lash primer is the Clinique Lash Primer ($15). My friend uses it and says it is amazing.)

If you are new to the colored mascara game, then you may not want to go with super bold colored mascara. A good idea to “test the waters” of colored mascara is to do a coat of black mascara and then just do the tips of your lashes in your chosen color. It let’s you give it a try without going too bold.

Another cool idea is to try and do an ombre type lash look. Or you could just apply colored mascara to your bottom lashes for a unique pop of color.

The most important thing is to DO YOU. Makeup is all about expressing yourself and doing what YOU want to do. Do you want to go super bold with your mascara? Go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. You are independent and beautiful and can use whatever makeup you want.

And with that being said, you can now go out and buy some colored mascaras and maybe give this a try. Feel free to tweet me (click here) or tag the picture in Instagram (link is here) because I would love to see your amazing colored mascara looks.

Do you want to talk? Have any blog post suggestions or want to do a guest post? Check out my “Come Find Me” page and feel free to choose any of those options to get a hold of me.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful


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