My Friends’ Makeup Favorites

Well, your friends can teach you a lot. Whether it is what to wear to the football game or how to do your hair for homecoming, they can help you in more ways than one. I have given my friends loads of makeup advice and, in turn, they have told me what products they absolutely love.

Since my friends are so amazing, they let me interview them about their favorite beauty products and do a whole blog post dedicated to them (my friends are amazing).

I am doing this post because I haven’t actually seen anything like this done. Most beauty bloggers have other bloggers do guest posts or things of that like, but it isn’t usually someone that are really good friends with. So, I decided to change things up and give you some of the products that my friends love. It is a nice change from my favorite products.

My Friends' Makeup Favorites

Let’s get started!

I think I should begin with my friend Clare. She is an eyeliner expert that loves to use bold colors. Her favorite eyeliners are the Mally Beauty Evercolor Automatic Waterproof Eyeliner ($18). Her personal favorite is plum because it really compliments her eyes. She also loves the Smashbox lip glosses ($20) because they aren’t sticky at all and give a nice hint of color.

Next up is my friend Natalia. She is a big fan of neutral eyeshadows and pink lips. Natalia really loves the L’Oreal Eyeshadow Quad in Perpetual Nude ($10). She does this really amazing smoky eye with this quad and I will try to get her to do a post about it (hopefully). Natalia is on the dance team and has to wear the Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in Watermelon ($7) for every performance. She loves that it is super pigmented and has a balmy feel.

My friend Molly absolutely loves finding a good budget beauty buy. She is the queen of budget beauty. Whenever I am running out of money and still want a great product, I go to her. She loves the E.L.F. beauty line. She swears by the E.L.F Lengthening and Defining Mascara ($1) and the Essential Lip Stain ($2). Molly always gets compliments about the Lip Stain in Nude Nectar. It really compliments her well.

My last two friends have one holy grail product each. Emma is a foundation junkie and absolutely loves the Revlon ColorStay Makeup ($8). Sadly, she broke the bottle in her purse and it spilled everywhere. She had to do some major damage control, but the purse is all good now. The last person I want to talk about is Cailyn. Ironically, she loves the Cailyn beauty line for multiple reasons: the products are amazing, the colors are beautiful, and the brand name is her name. Her favorite product from Cailyn is their Tinted Lip Balm ($19). She loves that it doesn’t disappear on your lips and it has amazing pigmentation.

Now you know about some of my friends and their favorite products. Want to see my friends appear on my blog? Have any amazing blog post ideas? Want to do a guest post? Comment down below, tweet me, or email me ( and I will work on it as soon as possible.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful


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