The Body Shop Color Crush Nail Polish

Well, as you should know by now, I am a Body Shop Influencer. That means that the Body Shop sends me a product every month to try out and give my honest opinion. And I do give my honest opinion because I would feel like a jerk if I told you that a product was good when it is actually a really sucky product.

Ya feel me?

I have something to admit though. I am not a big nail polish collector. I really don’t paint my nails all that much. Maybe it is because I am so bad at painting my nails or maybe it is because I have no motivation to do them when they will be chipped in .00192374652 seconds. So, for whatever crazy reason, it is very rare to find me talking about nail polishes or my nails in general.

But that is going to change. Change is good my friends. Change is good.

I am actually going to try doing some themed nail art tutorials. That seems really weird to me because I am totally not a nail art type of person. I am the kind of person that just paints her nails a solid color and calls it a day. I am going to step out of my comfort zone for you wonderful people.

That is really one of the reasons why I started blogging. I thought that I really loved makeup and knew that the makeup world was a whole lot larger than the handful of blogs and things I was following. I also thought that I could test my boundaries and give things a try that I normally wouldn’t do (or get) if I wasn’t a beauty blogger.

So, with that being said and now that my spiel (which I didn’t know was spiel was spelled that way), I am going to talk about my nail polish.


Ignore my awkwardly unphotogenic hand for one moment to appreciate the nail polish. There was actually a quiz that I was supposed to take but completely forgot to. So, I honestly had no idea what color I was going to get.

I’ll admit it: I was terrified to see this color in my little package. Yet, I was also excited because I only really own pink and red shades of nail polish and to get a deep green color was different. I was also excited because this is the perfect fall green color. I like to call it a “Michigan State green” color just because I am a Big 10 fan and I love Michigan State. The actual name is “The Body Shop Green”. At first I was super confused but then I realized that this is the exact same color that The Body Shop uses in their logo… Which is a great color.


Now onto the technical stuff. This nail polish dries pretty quickly. I like to wait an hour before I start doing anything when I paint my nails. They were completely dry after that hour. I did check during the 30 minute mark and it was almost completely dry.

This nail polish applies really well. The formula is amazing and it covers pretty well in two coats. Since I like to do two thin coats instead of one thick coat (which is apparently what you are supposed to do), two coats was enough to get it to be opaque. When I did one coat, it just didn’t look as good.

The nail polish lasted a few days before it chipped. One thing you should know is that I didn’t apply a topcoat. I have recently ran out of my favorite and haven’t had the time or the effort to get a new one. So, for it to last about 2 days without chipping and with no topcoat is pretty amazing. But I would recommend using a topcoat because it just helps it last longer and prevent those weird smudging lines that randomly pop up.

Overall, I was happy with this nail polish. The color is nice and the formula is overall really great. You can check out the other colors here. Some of the other colors I would like to get are: Meet Me At Dusk (which is a dusty pink color) and Mint Cream (which is a nice mint green color). It is about $6 per nail polish! Normally, the Body Shop is a little on the expensive side, but I can totally afford to buy multiple nail polishes. If I do end up getting more, I will be sure to do a nail lookbook and get it up on the blog.

So, have you bought any yet? No? Well get on it.

Have any posts you would love to see on my blog? Have any fall themed makeup posts you would like to read the blog? Comment down below or feel free to contact me (click the tab at the top of the page) and I will get on it as soon as possible.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful


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