Fall Lip Product Guide

Well, welcome to fall my lovelies! Since it is the first official day of fall, why not do a fall themed post about my favorite type of makeup products: lip products. I have a teeny tiny obsession with any and all lip products. I have an extensive collection of lip balms (including a grand total of seven in my purse) and love to give all different types of lip products a try.

So, in honor of my immense love of lip products and fall, I combined them and out popped this post.

Fall is probably my favorite season. I especially love the makeup transitions that take place from summer to fall. The lips get deeper and bolder, eyeliner makes a triumphant return, and foundation gets heavier (at least it won’t melt off your face now). As a heads up, I am going to be doing quite a few different fall themed posts (like fall nail art and even a bucket list… get excited people).

Anyway, let’s get to the amazing list of fall lip products:

My Favorite Fall Lipsticks

So, I was totally going to organize these into groups based on price, but I decided to organize them by color (in a way):

Berry Lips

Red Lips

Metallic Lips

Deep Bold Lips

And now you can go buy all of those lipsticks and spend a whole ton of money on it because you too are obsessed with lip products. I hope you give some of these lip products a try and comment down below which ones are your favorite. Also comment down below any post ideas you have (even some fall themed posts…. that’d be great).

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful


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