NYFW Beauty Hacks

Well, now that New York Fashion Week is over, I can now do a bunch of posts dedicated to the one week that I absolutely love (excluding the week of Thanksgiving and the the week leading up to Christmas). I have a handful of #NYFW post ideas, but if you would love to see something specific, then comment down below and I will start working on it!

(Also I will be working on a beauty hacks post. I just love using a multitude of different beauty hacks on a daily basis… Including some of the ones mentioned here.)

If you are new to the fashion/beauty industry (or live under a rock), you may not know what New York Fashion Week is. NYFW is held every February and September. They usually last around 7-9 days and it is held to show off new fashion (and beauty) trends to the general public, buyers, the press, and many celebrities. There are so many new and exciting things that come from NYFW including new makeup trends (or some bold/unique ones) and a whole lot of fashion tips.

But, like every good beauty related function, there are beauty hacks. It takes a lot of money to run a fashion week show and I can guarantee that the makeup artists are using all of the beauty hacks in their arsenal to quickly (and beautifully) get a model ready to hit the runway.

I compiled a nice list of some beauty hacks that are used at some NYFW shows:

NYFW Beauty Hacks

Let’s get started!

  • Easy Glossy Eyeshadow: Take some of your favorite eyeshadow pigment and mix it with some clear lip gloss. This helps the eyeshadow pigment stick to your eyelids and give it a glossy look. Tip: make sure to apply this with a flat brush so that you can more precisely apply it. (Check out the clear lip glosses: L’Oreal ($5.99), Sephora ($12), Bobbi Brown ($19), and NARS ($26).)
  • Loose Pigment Highlighter: When in doubt, a loose pigment eyeshadow can be super handy. Along with being a great eyeshadow, it is also good to use as a highlighter. Just use a powder brush to lightly dust some sheeny loose pigment eyeshadows in the places you want to highlight. (Some great loose pigments are: MACΒ ($21), NYXΒ ($3), W3LL PEOPLEΒ ($16), and Maybelline ($7).)
  • DIY Eyebrow Tamer: When in doubt, I always reach for my go to spoolie brush and some firm hold hair gel to help keep my untameable eyebrows in place. So, when I found out that they actually use this trick at NYFW, I was amazed. Both hairspray and hair gel work really well at taming the brows without making them look strange or fake. I can approve this beauty hack, (The products I would use are: L’Oreal Hairspray ($9.99) or Garnier Hair Gel ($3.49).)
  • Brown Lipstick as Bronzer: Brown lipstick can work great as a cream bronzer. It can be worked into the skin and give a more natural finish than a regular bronzer. I actually prefer cream bronzers to powder bronzers because with cream bronzers you can easily blend it out so that you don’t look overly bronzed or fake. (One amazing brown lipstick is from Maybelline ($5.59).)
  • Mascara as Eyeliner: I have also tried this trick before and it works surprisingly well. Using an angled eyeliner brush, just take some mascara from the wand and apply it. It is super easy to do and dries to a nice finish. I do this from time to time and it doesn’t smudge off or flake off everywhere. It is a really neat beauty hack that is one you should definitely try. (You could use your favorite mascara, but I would definitely recommend a waterproof formula like this one from Maybelline ($6.99).)

Now you can look like a model straight from NYFW (not that you don’t already do). Feel free to leave feedback or post ideas down in the comment section. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful


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