Things I Learned From My Hairstylist

Well, I went to my hairstylist recently. It is a big thing for me because I always wait until my hair is super long and then I get it cut. It is like a weight is lifted from my shoulders– literally. And I absolutely love Cathy. Her name is Cathy and she is a wonderful hairstylist. I am always satisfied with her work and I always end up loving my hair.

Every time I got to get my hair cut, I always end up learning something new about what to put in my hair and other random hair facts. I always end up learning something new or hearing some strange story (or a bunch) about other people’s hair failures.

So, let’s get this thing started:



I learned a ton of things from my hairstylist and now I am hoping to teach you how to keep your hair from getting damaged or destroyed. Here we go!

You are flat ironing your hair all wrong…

One of the other hairstylists had a client that came in. After straightening her hair, the client proceeded to ask if she could do it herself. Being the amazing hairstylist she is, she let her client do it. But she did it all wrong. She went over one section multiple times. That’s a big no-no. The hairstylist told me that you need to straighten your hair in sections and only go over the section once. Then you move onto the other sections. You can go over the sections again, but make sure to wait until it’s cool. If you don’t, you’re just adding extra heat and damaging your hair more.

Heat protectant is your best friend.

This may seem like a no brainer, but heat protectant is extremely important. Without it, you can damage your hair and basically fry it. Heat protectant keeps your hair safe from heat styling and is a vital product to have if you like to use heat on your hair. I think it is a staple in anyone’s bathroom and that everyone should have it because heat styling can take a toll on your hair.

Don’t even try using Kool-Aid to dye your hair.

My hairstylist had a client in recently that tried to use Kool-Aid to dye the ends of her hair. She used red Kool-Aid and it just can’t seem to go away. It also had faded to a pink color but it wasn’t budging. My stylist even said that she researched it and everyone said it would come out. But, what some people don’t know is that it actually stays in your hair. My stylist ended up trying to bleach it out, but that didn’t even work. The stylist ended up having to just cut off the hair that was colored. So, when you think about dying your hair, Kool-Aid may be the easy do it yourself way to do it, but it isn’t necessarily a good option.

Also don’t do that baking soda paste.

One of the steps in the Kool-Aid dying process is making a baking soda paste to put on your hair. Please stay away from this. Something in the baking soda actually fries your hair. Once your hair is fried, it doesn’t get “unfried” unless you cut it off. Just avoid this at all costs because it is totally not worth it. Listen to me on this one.

A diffuser is a great thing to have.

If you have dry or frizzy hair and don’t have a diffuser, then you are missing out. Does your hair get frizzy and untameable after your blow-dry it? You should get a diffuser. Basically a diffuser is an attachment for your blowdryer that protects the hair from direct heat. My hair gets really frizzy when I try to blowdry it, so when my hairstylist told me about the diffuser, I was sold. It can come in different shapes, but it is basically an bowl on a tube with little spikes on it (do you even get what I am saying?). If you need a visual, check out this photo or that photo. My description skills are sub par. The diffuser is super useful if you have curly hair after a shower. It helps keep the waves while drying the hair.

So, that’s some good hair advice. What have you learned from your hairstylist? Comment down below your best hair tips. Also feel free to suggest other posts you would love to see on my blog. Since I just got my hair cut, I am going to find some amazing shoulder length hairstyles to show you wonderful people.

Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful


4 thoughts on “Things I Learned From My Hairstylist

  1. My hair still has red tones in it from when I dyed it red a while ago, I want to strip my hair and have it dyed the same colour as my natural hair. I don’t want to do it myself incase it goes wrong. How much would you say it would be in a salon? Thanks x

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