Maybelline Baby Lips (Very Berry)

Well, as you should know by now, I am a big fan of the Baby Lips. If you don’t know that, then click here and you’ll learn all about it. But, I did talk about how they had a slight slight slight tint. I believe I said that was what makes it different from the EOS lip balms. Ironically, there isn’t a whole bunch of tint in the Baby Lips I have tried before…

Until now.

I know you are probably thinking “Isabella, what does this have to do with me?” Well, I know that during the summer (or even during the rest of the year) you look for a lip product that has both a nice color and is also moisturizing.

That’s where I come in.

I have found a lip balm that is both moisturizing and has a beautiful pink color. You’re welcome.


I think this post is more of a PSA about how amazing this color is. This is a beautiful hot pink color that is perfect for the summertime (or anytime). I have looked for a color like this for quite a while but haven’t found it until now.

The great things about these Baby Lips is that they are super inexpensive.

And I searched high and low for a color like this. I looked at multiple Sephoras, MAC stores, department store makeup sections, two Nordstroms, and online. I don’t know why I wanted this color so much, but I saw a swatch of this (without knowing what lip product it was) and I thought that it was absolutely beautiful. I ended up swatching multiple sheer lip products that I researched and thought would be close to the color.

After trying to find it for weeks, I finally gave in and gave up. Or so I thought.

My sister decided to go to the drugstore one day because she needed some paper towels. Since we are basically makeup obsessed, we decided to check out the makeup section. She picked out some random Baby Lips for both myself and herself. Apparently she thought that this color would look nice and decided to give it to me.

So, thanks sis. I owe ya one.

I would definitely recommend that you get this lip balm. It is probably the most pigmented Baby Lips out there. I believe it only costs $5, so I think that you should definitely take a little trip to CVS (or Walgreens, if that floats your boat) and grab it while you can.

Have any post ideas for me? Comment down below and I will definitely do them as soon as possible. Thanks for reading! What are your favorite lip products? I’d love to try some new lippies.

Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful


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