Benefit Goodies

Well, I won a little contest on Twitter. Benefit decided to unveil a new lash hugging eyeliner to the public and started a contest where people tweet their #linercrimes and the funniest ones would win a mini Real Fine Liner.

Little did I know that my humor (or possibly lack of it) earned me a new mascara and a new eyeliner.

I have always been into trying new mascaras and giving new products a try. Yet, I always end up having no time (or sometimes money) to get the new products that I want to try. So, I pretty excited when I found out I could give this new eyeliner a try.

These products are from Benefit Cosmetics. For those of you who are new to the beauty world or haven’t heard of Benefit, they are a cosmetic line that sells everything from a liquid to powder foundation (the Big Easy) to some insane brow products (Gimme Brow and Brow Zings). They also have Brow Bars— a beauty service where Benefit helps give you some insane eyebrows (so you can have a strong eyebrow game). Benefit offers a whole bunch of beauty services and has a little Beauty School on their website that helps teach you how to use their products.

Overall, I love Benefit products. They certainly live up to the hype and are just quality products. So, let’s get into the goodies I received from Benefit.


Ok, here’s the scoop:

The They’re Real Push-Up LinerΒ is a new and innovative eyeliner that was created by Benefit. It has a very unique shaped applicator that hugs the lash line. The products gets twisted up by twisting the bottom. The applicator is flexible and the formula is fantastic. The applicator is so easy to work with and you can create a numerous amount of eye looks easily. The kicker: it is a gel formula. WHAT?? A gel formula in a pen? I literally didn’t think it was possible to apply gel liner without an eyeliner brush. But not it’s possible. This eyeliner is the first eyeliner to have this kind of design and lash hugging powers. (COST: $24)

The They’re Real Mascara has been the one mascara I’ve been dying to try. I have seen everyone and their mother rave about this mascara. This mascara has a really unique brush. On the end of the brush is a really cool spiked ball thing that helps coat all of the lashes. This formula is smudgeproof, long lasting, and helps curl your lashes. This is probably the perfect mascara for a person like me because I go to baseball games a lot (and go outside) and need a good mascara that won’t flake or smudge. Β (COST: $23)

Once I give these products a try and concrete my opinions and judgement, I will definitely do a review on both products. If you have any blog posts you would like to see, then comment below or send me a tweet. I love hearing from you lovely people and am always looking for ways to help out the beauty community.

I set links on any of the products mentioned in this post (just like all of my other posts) so feel free to click on the links to learn more about the products or to purchase them for yourself. I hope you liked this post and give these products a try. They are definitely worth it. Have a fantastic day!


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