Packing for Memorial Day Weekend

Well, I love long weekends. I also love not having school for one more day. I also love the barbecues people have or the baseball tournaments I always end up going to (thanks to my brothers).

Memorial Day Weekend is just an overall great weekend. But, I always end up packing an hour before and I always forget something.

I am here now to make sure you have everything you need and even more.

Lets go!


Ok, here’s what you need:

  • Sunscreen (not shown): Sunscreen is a must have on a daily basis. But, if you are going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time, you absolutely need to wear sunscreen. Sunburn is painful and annoying and I know you don’t want to get burnt.
  • Lip Balm with SPF: I actually got this lip balm from my orthodontist, so I’m not so sure you can purchase it yourself. But, any lip balm with SPF will do. It is important to put SPF on your lips too because they can get sun damaged too.
  • Foundation (Clinique Acne Solutions foundation): A BB cream would work well, but I need to get a new BB cream and I just had this foundation currently. Aย BB or CC cream would be great, but any lightweight foundation would do great.
  • Mascara (Maybelline Great Lash): I am a minimal makeup junkie and I really only wear mascara on a daily basis. So, mascara is a must for me and I always need to have a tube around with me.
  • Nail Polish (LA Color): I love wearing neon nail polishes when I am tanner or I am going to get tan. So, this bright pink was my first choice. I love the opaque-ness of this polish and it applies really nicely. It also only takes two coats to get the perfect opaque-ness. I just love this nail polish.
  • Lotion (True Blue Spa Rich Body Cream): I love this body cream because it is extremely moisturizing and it just helps keep my skin soft and smooth. It also has a good scent. I just think its nice to have a lotion in case you get dry skin.
  • Body Spray (Pure Paradise): I love the travel sized body sprays from Bath & Body works because they are cheap and they are extremely easy to travel with. I have one in my locker, my purse, my backpack… You name it, I have it there. I like the Pure Paradise scent because it is a tropical like scent and it just smells nice. It is perfect for Memorial Day weekend.

OH, I would also use a crossbody bag because they are easier to wear and carry around. I am a big fan of crossbody bags and this one from Vera Bradley is one of my favorites. It does not have a lot of space, but I feel like it perfectly holds everything I need. The bag in the link isn’t the exact same one because I got mine a few years back, but that one has the exact same idea.

Thanks for reading along. I hope you have a fantastic day and Memorial Day Weekend.


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