Teach Me Tuesday (Packing Your Makeup Bag)

Well, this seemed like a good day to teach you some things. So, I was thinking of doing a Teach Me Tuesday thing.

I thought I was clever when I came up with this name. I’m not that clever.

So, I am going to teach you how to pack your spring makeup bag. I already went over spring makeup essentials and whatnot, so I decided to teach you how to get a kick butt makeup bag.

How To Pack Your Spring Makeup Bag

Let’s do this

Well, you need to start with a makeup bag. The two bags that caught me were the Kate Spade Limoncello bag. It is a beautiful yellow bag that just seems really cool. I thought it was a good bag, but it is kinda pricey ($88+). So, then I chose a more affordable and owl covered bag from ModCloth that is only $15. It’s more affordable and right up my alley.

Next up is makeup wipes. The TopShop face wipes are $4 and I have heard fantastic things about them. Of course, any makeup wipes would do. I would recommend that you get a travel or mini size package of wipes so that it doesn’t take up too much room in your bag.

After that is some blotting papers. The NYX matte blotting papers ($) are always a good option. Another good option is the Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets. I have tried the Clean and Clear sheets and they did an amazing job at removing the oil from my face.

I had to throw in the Lash Potion mascara ($) just because it’s Revlon and Emma Stone is in the commercial. And because it does wonders for my lashes and just have an overall good formula. That mascara is quite a beauty.

The next products are multi purpose products. Whenever you pack a makeup bag, you need to have as much room in your bag as possible. So multipurpose products are a must. The Rosebud Lip Salve ($6-7) is a lip balm that also helps many other issues like dried elbows or cuticles or whatever else. The next product is the NARS matte multiple ($39). This is a great lip and cheek stain that you can use wet or dry. It is a very versatile product and definitely deserves the rave reviews it gets.

The last product is the Tarte cheek stain ($30). I believe that this is a good cheek stain. I love the pigmentation in Tarte products and this does not disappoint. I think it is just an overall good product. It gives a good flush of color. It is also very easy to travel with because it is in a little stick form and can easily fit in your makeup bag.

Well, I hope this has helped you with packing your makeup bag. I hope you have a fantastic day!


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