Easter Makeup Tutorial

Well, I am a big fan of spring makeup. Since spring is here (finally), that means that Easter is only a week away. WHAT!?!? I had no idea that Easter was that close until I actually contemplated it yesterday during English. I also came up with this idea during English class too.

The things I do in English. What a great class.

So, I love spring makeup (already been stated, Isabella. Get it together) and I love Easter. So, I decided to head to Polyvore (aka the best collage/beauty tutorial maker for when I am just downright lazy) and find all of my favorite spring colored and Easter themed makeup products. Then I compiled this nice little collage thing just for you wonderful followers.

Easter Makeup Tutorial

Well, let’s do this thing.

I am going to start with my favorite mascara in the history of mascaras. This is the Great Lash mascara and it is the waterproof formula. I don’t normally love waterproof formulas because I don’t use a special makeup remover, but waterproof mascara is very helpful on holidays because it keeps a curl longer and doesn’t flake or smudge as the day goes on. Yet, I never have seen my regular mascara flake or smudge, but I am positive it isn’t waterproof. This mascara is my holy grail mascara and I would definitely recommend this product. (COST: $6.40)

Next up is the bright pink lipstick. I think that the NYX butter glosses are wonderful and I was pumped to see that there were butter lipsticks. I chose this color (Razzle) because of it’s awesome name and its very rich and pigmented pink color. I absolutely love bright colors in the spring and I do think that if this seems too bright for Easter, then you can make the color less pigmented by blotting the color off or just putting it on lightly. I do think that the color is beautiful and it is a perfect color for Easter. (COST: $6)

Topshop has some really good makeup. I didn’t find out about the makeup until I saw one of my friends had this really awesome blush. I asked where it was from and she said Topshop. I was completely shocked because I only associated Topshop with clothes. But, now that I know that they have awesome makeup, I will definitely try out more of their makeup. And I have heard really awesome things about this eyeliner. It is the Topshop gel liner in ink. I think that I like gel liners because they are kinda cool. I just think that it may be easier to control and I just like gel liners. I do not think a winged eyeliner is necessary for Easter, but I think lining the top lash line would be a good idea. I think it just adds a little drama. (COST: $16)

If you have seen my last spring makeup post, then you know that NYX blushes are probably my favorite cheap blushes. This cream blush is no exception. Being a blush master, I tend to look for new blushes everywhere I go. And when I went to Ulta a few weeks ago, I saw these NYX cream blushes and got really excited. I really think that cream blushes are really good for the spring time because they aren’t powdery and makeup you look cakey. The color is red cheeks and it is a beautiful coral-y color. (COST: $5.99)

Drugstore eyeshadow palettes can be iffy. Sometimes I really love eyeshadow palettes and sometimes I am left unsatisfied or upset. I have never felt that way with Wet ‘N Wild palettes. I love the fact that there are very pigmented shadows in the little trios and kits. I chose two palettes because sometimes I like to go with green or pastel colors during spring. Sometimes, I like to wear purple tones in the springtime. So, I chose two of my favorite palettes. The first one is Petal Pusher which is a mix of purple toned colors. I love these colors because there are endless combinations of eye looks and it is a very versatile palette. (COST: $12) The green palette is called I Dream of Greenie and it has beautiful and wearable green colors. Normally, I am not a big fan of green eyeshadows, but these colors are surprisingly wearable and I think they can work on an everyday basis. (COST: $9.96)

I was thinking of doing a nail polish tutorial soon. I really liked the nail art shown in the left corner. I think it is perfect for Easter.

So, that is my little Easter makeup tutorial. The total cost is $56.35. It may not be the cheapest Easter look you have ever seen, but I honestly like all of the products shown.

Thanks for reading! If I don’t do another post until after Easter, then Happy Easter! I hope you wonderful people have a fantastic day!


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