CO Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm

In case you are living under a rock (or aren’t following me on Twitter), then you have no idea how much I love this fantastic lip balm.


This lip balm is probably my favorite all time lip balm. I have had it for maybe 7 months, but I’m almost out. This lip balm is just really amazing.

I’m not normally a large lemon scent fan. I like lemon in air fresheners. But, it’s not normally a scent I gravitate towards. But, this lip balm is amazing. It’s very moisturizing and is pretty long lasting.


As you can see, I am running out of it and that makes me really sad. This has probably been my favorite lip balm. The only downside is that I bought it for $7 at Bath & Body Works. And I really want to get two, but they are kinda pricey for a lip balm.

Sometimes, if you really love something, you need to let it go. It might find it’s way back to you.

Cheesy quotes are what I live for.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend this lip balm. I might actually go out and buy two (or more). I might do a giveaway at the end of the year with my favorite products of the year. Watch for that in 9 months. #GetPumped

Thanks for checking this post out. I hope you have a fantastic day!


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